Caught in a tailspin

For those of you who can’t see the picture in the above tweet (AKA everyone – darned WordPress), Andrew McGlashan has compared the records of Adil Rashid with Shane Warne seven Tests into their careers.


14 wickets @ 46.28                                                               28 wickets @ 40.53

A charge that has been levelled at Rashid in his short career thus far is that he only removes tail-enders, but to what extent is that true? While we’re at it, why not compare who he gets out with Mr Warne himself?

Among Rashid’s 28 victims is a host of the world’s top batsmen. Younis Khan and Virat Kohli have both fallen to the leggie on two occasions, while he has also ensnared Murali Vijay, Cheteshwar Pujara, Mahmudullah and Shakib Al Hasan.

Warne began his career in series against India, Sri Lanka and West Indies. In his first 14 victims, he sent Ravi ShastriRichie Richardson (twice), Phil Simmons and Carl Hooper walking.

The average position in the batting order (based on where they were in the innings in which they were dismissed) for Rashid’s dismissals is 6.71.

And Warne’s? 6.71.

I apologise for causing you to spit out your tea. I cannot provide a refund.

The average batting average of Rashid’s victims is 28.30, while Warne’s is 22.54.

So there we have it. After seven tests, Adil Rashid is a better bowler than Shane Warne from every possible angle.

All he needs to do now is play 138 more Tests and take 680 more wickets.

Good luck.

The average place in the batting order of the victims of some other spin legends (Good title, Ed.)

Muttiah Muralitharan 5.92 (26 wickets @ 32.38)

Harbhajan Singh 5.79 (19 wickets @ 35.63)

Jim Laker 5.52 (27 wickets @ 37.77)

Anil Kumble 5.43 (30 wickets @ 28.56)

Ian Salisbury 4.13 (16 wickets @ 58.31)

Jim Laker.jpg
Forget Jim Laker. Ian Salisbury – Top-order destroyer.

Links to original images: Warne, Rashid, Laker


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