Canine XIs

As selected by followers of @TMS, #bbccricket and #caninexi. 

Limited Rovers International

Venue: Old Trufford

  1. Geoff Good-Boycott
  2. Graham Pooch
  3. Kanine Williamson
  4. Allan Border Collie (c)
  5. Graham Wagg
  6. Steve Rhodes-ian Ridgeback (wk)
  7. Gnashly Giles
  8. Simon Bones
  9. King Charles Dagnall
  10. Pug Bollinger
  11. Phil Woofnell
  1. Alastair Cook-Apoo (c)
  2. Bark Ramprakash
  3. Virat Kollie
  4. Mike Husky
  5. Jack Russell (wk)
  6. Spaniel Vettori
  7. Schnitzel Johnson
  8. Robert Crufts
  9. Anil Pedigree-Chumble
  10. Mutt-iah Muralitharan
  11. Matthew Doggard

Umpires: David German Sheppard, Billy Bowwow



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