Did England’s teenagers go large?

WARNING: The following page contains numbers and words, without pictures, which may be aesthetically offensive. This enables the facts to speak for themselves.

Haseeb Hameed is to make his debut in the 1st Test between England and India at Rajkot.

The 19-year-old will become only the sixth man to make his debut for England in Tests before reaching his 20th birthday.

Though he missed out in Bangladesh through Ben Duckett’s superior weight of runs in the warm-up matches, Hameed will take his place at the top of the order – and has been thrown right in at the deep end.

A first-class average of 50+ last year, combined with a penchant for obduracy which many of England’s batsmen lack, means that the selectors can ignore him no longer.

But of the five previous Englishmen (or rather, boys?) to take their bow in Test cricket, how does his present record compare?

Let’s take a look at their first-class records at the time of their debut.

Brian Close 18y 149d

18 matches |  686r @ 32.67 | 74w @ 25.36

Jack Crawford 19y 32d

24 matches |  835r @ 26.94 | 106w @ 16.72

Denis Compton 19y 83d

47 matches |  2,626r @ 41.03 | 18w @ 35.22

Ben Hollioake 19y 269d

11 matches |  422r @ 28.13 | 21w @ 29.86

Haseeb Hameed 19y 297d

20 matches | 1,455r @ 48.50 | N/A

Ian Peebles 19y 338d

10 matches |  43r @ 7.17 | 22w @ 28.59

Play up! Play up! And play the game!

Credit: Public Domain Pictures


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